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Faculty of Health Sciences: WHO project Research Assistant


The UOC is an innovative university, rooted in Catalonia and open to the world. The UOC's mission is to train people throughout their lives and contribute to their progress and that of society.

In line with the vision of its Strategic Plan, the UOC wants to be a university that, connected in a network with the rest of the world's universities, promotes the construction of a global space of knowledge and conducts frontier research on the society of the world knowledge.

The UOC has its own innovative, student-centered educational model, which offers quality and customizable training, while encouraging the competitiveness of students and contributing to the progress of society.
The selected person will join as a Research Assistant in the “Assessment of WHO Skin NTDs app (v3.0)” project of the e-Health Center research group of the University’s Health Sciences Studies.

With direct dependence on the Principal Investigator of the project, the following tasks must be carried out:
- Define the methodology to carry out the evaluation from an existing document. (deadline January 31, 2022)
- Result 1.1: The precise methodology for evaluating the application, which includes a questionnaire, a communication and analysis plan, and the sample size (health workers using the application in the selected countries).
- Conduct online evaluation of the application in selected primary health care centers in Ghana, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea to assess the satisfaction of health workers with the application as a training tool to improve your skills (deadline 30-April-2022)
- Result 2.1: The target population is interviewed
- Result 2.2: The data obtained are ready for analysis
- Prepare the final evaluation report prepared for a peer-reviewed publication (deadline 31-May-2022)
- Result 3.1: The final report with in-depth data analysis

A contract will be made for 6 months at 50% of the full day (38.5 hours/week) with a forecast of incorporation on January 31, 2021.
The reference job will be the headquarters of the UOC in Poblenou, Barcelona (District 22 @), with an agreed telework.

What we are looking for:

- Degree
- Knowledge in the evaluation of mobile health applications and quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques
- Ability to write reports and articles in English
- Advanced level English
- Computer skills: SPSS and AtlasTi or similar

We value:

- Master in Digital Health
- Postgraduate training in digital health or telemedicine (or in progress)


The UOC's selection processes are based on the OTM-R (open, transparent and merit-based recruitment) principles, with the aim of implementing open, transparent and merit-based recruitment practices.

In order to take part in the selection process, you must register as a candidate in the Join our team portal www.uoc.edu space and, once registered, submit the application to the corresponding profile.

Closing of the call:

The deadline for applications is December 15, 2021

We also value:


Research staff

To apply for the offers you are interested in, you must first register on the candidate's page.

Close of call: 15/12/2021

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