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Affiliated teaching staff must be actively employed in their field, with up-to-date professional experience. The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya needs professionals whose primary employment elsewhere relates to the vacancy offered, enabling them to offer quality teaching input online. Therefore, having a separate main line of work is an indispensable requirement for the selection process. The agreement the UOC establishes with affiliated teaching staff depends on the latter's main activity.

In the case of course instructors or tutors who are members of another Catalan or Spanish university's teaching staff, the teaching activity is carried out within the framework of whatever agreement that the UOC has signed with that university, provided that the agreement is applicable and has been determined as such by the university of origin. If it is applicable, the relationship will be formalized within the framework of that agreement. In these cases, the inter-university agreement will prevail over any other instrument for formalizing the relationship.

For course instructors or tutors who are self-employed or employed by other organizations (including public or private institutions or universities with which the UOC has not signed any applicable agreement), the UOC will formalize the relationship (responsibility for teaching a course) by means of a civil contract for providing professional services. The contract is signed electronically on the UOC's Virtual Campus.

The fees paid are calculated on the basis of the activity in question: teaching a course or tutoring (and any additional activities related to the preparation of learning resources).

The fees are paid in instalments during the semester, either directly to the recipient or through their university.