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Affiliated teaching staff are experts in their fields who, while employed elsewhere, are able to combine their main line of work with a collaboration at the UOC. Their remit is to provide guidance and support throughout students' courses and programmes of study. There are two roles: tutor and course instructor.

Course instructors are responsible for resolving doubts about the course content, activating debates, and providing students with feedback.

Tutors are responsible for welcoming new students, providing guidance regarding their programmes of study, and helping them learn how to make the most of the Virtual Campus.

Course instructors' responsibilities

Based in an online learning environment, course instructors introduce, guide, plan, stimulate, focus, motivate and tie together students' learning processes with a proactive approach. They provide teaching assistance to students both individually and collectively, monitoring their learning over the course of the semester. They address students' doubts, offer examples and further explanations, stimulate debates, encourage participation in forums, and provide personalized feedback to help students' learning processes. Course instructors may also engage in other activities related to the creation of learning resources. They must provide answers to students' queries within 48 hours.

Tutors' responsibilities

Because of the support they provide, accompanying students throughout their programmes of study, tutors are a key part of the UOC's educational model.

Tutors welcome new students, provide them with academic guidance on anything relating to the educational programme, and help them develop the skills they require to use the Virtual Campus to full effect. Tutors introduce students to the tools and resources provided by the UOC's virtual learning environment, enabling them to make the best possible use of them as quickly as possible. Tutors also help students discover the wide range of opportunities that university life offers. In short, tutors provide personalized attention to help each individual student feel part of the university community.

Tutors monitor students' academic activity and provide them with general guidance as well as individual advice on their progress during their studies at the university. Tutors also address any doubts or queries students have. They must provide answers to students' queries within 48 hours.