Affiliated teaching staff

Current offers

The UOC is seeking to recruit affiliated teaching staff for its over-25s university entrance course and its training courses for professionals.

The typical profile of people recruited for these positions (course instructors and tutors) is that of teachers already employed in secondary and tertiary education. Based in an online learning environment, course instructors introduce, guide, plan, stimulate, focus, motivate and tie together students' learning processes with a proactive approach.

The training given in these programmes requires qualified teaching professionals who:

  • are familiar with online training methods;
  • are aware of the differences between the roles of on-site and online teachers;
  • are familiar with the types of technology currently used in education;
  • have teaching experience, preferably in courses preparing students for university entrance exams, university entrance exams for over-25s, the entrance exam for vocational training, or in adult education.
There are no offers.