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Extraordinary call for applications: recruitment of affiliated teaching staff for the academic year 2022/2023:

    Course instructors for official programmes (bachelor's, university master's and doctoral degrees), specific master's degrees and postgraduate studies, Centre for Modern Languages, University access courses and vocational training programmes :

    The selection process has four stages:

    • Period for receiving applications and clearing up any doubts, from 28 March 2021Ą2 to 25 April 2022.
    • Preselection, discarding all the applications that do not meet the minimum requirements.
    • Evaluation of knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the various responsibilities that the position entails. An assessment is made of each candidate's career experience, this being explored further when interviews and tests are conducted. These interviews will be conducted between 16 May 2021 and 10 June 2022.
    • Official communication of the results. The selection committee (formed by the vice president for teaching and learning, the vice president for strategic planning and research, the faculty dean and the UOC Personnel department) decides who should fill the vacancy. The selection committee may seek external advice if this would be particularly relevant. Official notification of the outcome of the selection process will be given by means of an email sent to all the candidates. This notification will be made around 22 June, 2022. The selection committee's decision is final, and will be emailed to the applicant.

    You may not apply for more than three vacancies during the same recruitment period. Once you have selected the fields of study in which you would teach, they cannot be changed. Once you have applied for a position, the status of your candidacy will be shown as "applied". It will only be updated to "in process" if you progress through the pre-selection stage. The status of your candidacy will be shown as "finalist" or "declined" once the selection process has finished.

    Beginning a teaching collaboration:

    Once you have been chosen in a selection process, your successful application will be valid for the following three semesters. During this time, you may be contracted to cover the number of students enrolling and the new classrooms opened. If you have not been contracted during this period, you will need to go through the selection process again.

    Selection criteria

    Each candidate will be assessed in accordance with the requirements published in the vacancy, taking into account their qualifications, professional and teaching experience, and their continuing professional development relative to the knowledge, skills, competencies and interests sought at the UOC.

    What we are looking for:

    • Candidates who already have a primary job.
    • A university qualification relating to the field in which the candidate is offering their services.
    • Teaching experience (university or non-university) or professional experience from the last three years relating to the field in which the candidate is offering their services.
    • An excellent command of the language in which the teaching will be given.
    • Knowledge of the programme of studies in question, experience guiding and supervising students, and user-level knowledge of the internet and office software.

    Also of interest:

    • A doctoral degree.
    • Profiles well-suited to carrying out teaching tasks in an online environment.
    • Experience coordinating and organizing groups both online and in person.
    • High levels of initiative, organizational skills, and strong abilities in personal relations, written communication and teamwork.
    • Experience in university administration and the use of digital resources in education.