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Internships at the UOC offer students a formative experience in which they can apply and build upon what they have studied. Internships also allow students to acquire competencies that will set them in good stead for their careers.

Internships are formalized through a cooperative education agreement, which specifies the relationships between the student, the university and the organization offering a placement.

The UOC offers internship placements to its own students and to students from other universities and schools. The relationship between the student and the placement organization is purely academic; it does not represent a form of employment, and the internship cannot take the place of a job.

Curricular internships

A curricular internship is an academic course belonging to the student's programme of study. It is equivalent to any other university course, and may be compulsory or optional. Students must enrol on the course before the internship agreement is signed. Aspects such as the duration, the calendar and the training project are determined by the student's university in its course plan or programme of study.


Curricular internships are open to students enrolled on any UOC programme, students from other universities (in Spain or any other country) and students doing vocational training. Applicants must have enrolled on the corresponding curricular internships course.

  • Students on pre-Bologna programmes of study (diplomatures, llicenciatures, enginyeries tècniques or enginyeries) need to have passed at least 50% of the credits needed to complete their programme. In some cases, there may also be an academic requirement to have passed certain courses.
  • Students enrolled on EHEA (post-Bologna) programmes of study (bachelor's degrees or university master's degrees) may need to have passed certain courses or a certain number of credits. Students who already have a university degree may not do internships that relate to their existing qualification.
Non-curricular internships

A non-curricular internship is a voluntary academic activity that does not belong to the student's programme of study.


Before the internship agreement is signed, the student must have enrolled on the university courses that teach the competencies they are to develop during the internship. There may be some flexibility to allow for agreement on the internship's duration and calendar. The project content, the responsibilities assigned and the activities performed must be directly related to the student's programme of study.